Client Challenge

Trade Show and Event Logistics create unique challenges for moving demos and booth properties all over the world. Driver check-in issues, damaged freight, missed target move-ins or “forced freight” are all part of the consequences associated with carrier failure. Working with a provider that has event-related experience and fully understands the significance of reliable, consistent service is critical. The client was originally working with a carrier less seasoned in event logistics. Although they provided competitive pricing, the risk of increased labor, “forced freight” and potential lost clients due to compliance failure became a huge risk. Many trade show clients face exhibit booths showing up damaged or not arriving on time resulting in increased freight costs and loss of clients.

Major Solution Points

  • Pegasus provided a tenured and dedicated account team specifically experienced in supporting trade show logistics.
  • Event Logistics class taught by Pegasus Executive Management and event logistics team.
  • Proactive alerts for all check-ins and target move dates.
  • Pegasus’ account team’s relationships with the largest decorators in the US

Key Results/Facts

  • Reduced overall transportation spending and increased control of booth properties in transit. Not only was Pegasus compliance a win, but the Event Logistics course helped coach client account managers on how to better prepare their clients at their show site. This combined effort practically eliminated force issues.
  • Decorator relationships enhance Pegasus’ ability to move in and out of shows smoothly.
  • Dedicated account team is always one step ahead when it comes to event challenges.
  • Load planning and execution between Pegasus and the client limiting overall handling of product.

The Real Win

An overall reduction in P&L related costs was a big win. Additionally, the client was able to capitalize on the improved service. This enhanced service allowed our client to gain all carrier selection control from their client. This also increased overall revenue and margin to our customer.

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